Marci’s Star

Marci's Star
Marci’s Star

I just finished quilting this beauty!  My client, Marci made 2500 two inch half-square triangles to piece this top that measures 100″ by 100″.   She used various shades of purple and blue for the background.   The light colored stars are also very light shades of purple and blue.   She told me that most of the fabric came from her stash!  (This photo was taken before she put the binding on it.)

Center of the Star
Center of the Star

I didn’t think that this quilt needed very elaborate quilting.  I did straight line ruler work on the rows that make the star shapes.  In the center four patch, I chose to do double orange peels with pebbles in the center of each quadrant. I quilted straight lines to emphasize the points.   I used a gray thread that blended both with the lights and the darks.   On the one row border I chose just to outline the light half of the squares.   What a fun and challenging project!

One thought on “Marci’s Star

  1. Jane, I like the simple quilting on the main star, it doesn’t need any fancy quilting, it speaks for itself. But then you did some neat quilting on the filter half triangles and center. Nicely done!

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