20160730_185126     Please give me a call so we can set up an appointment and talk about your latest quilting project.  I love to get  your thoughts on the look you have in mind and tailor the quilting to fit the style and purpose of your quilt. I do only free motion quilting ranging from all over quilting to intricate custom designs.


Long Arm Quilting

  • 2.75 cents per square inch for an all over design
  • 3.00 cents per square inch for a semi-custom look
  • 3.25 cents and up per square inch plus for a dense custom quilting
  • Batting is extra or may be provided by client.

Memory Quilts

  • Cutting & Piecing -$200.00 & up
  • Quilting is additional, binding, and any supplemental fabric are additional costs.
  • Quilt label provided.
  • All items must be clean.  Frequently used items are: clothing, t-shirts, handkerchiefs or other fabric items.  Unused portions are returned to the owner.

Firm price given at time of consultation on all types of quilting and/ or piecing.


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