Everyone Needs a Color Wheel

A few months ago I took an online class on Color and Composition taught by Katie Pasquini Masopust.  What a great class!  The first assignment was to make a color wheel.  The arrangement could was up to the student, the background had to be various shades of brown.  Brown is not my favorite color so using it as a background really may me think.  I chose ovals as the shape for the color samples.

First Arrangement
First Arrangement

I found that this placement of the ovals was too static and the background was too lineal. I liked the shape and size of the ovals.

Second Try
Second Try

This was the second arrangement of the color ovals.  Better, but still not what I wanted.

Finished Project
Finished Project

This was the final design.  I kept the ovals in the overlapping groups, but I randomly pieced the background.  Much better!  This color wheel hangs in my studio and I use it as reference all the time. By making the color, I have abetter understanding of how colors work with one another.  Try and make one for yourself because everyone needs a color wheel. I even like the brown background.  I may even use brown in a quilt soon!


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