Everyone Needs a Color Wheel

A few months ago I took an online class on Color and Composition taught by Katie Pasquini Masopust.  What a great class!  The first assignment was to make a color wheel.  The arrangement could was up to the student, the background had to be various shades of brown.  Brown is not my favorite color so using it as a background really may me think.  I chose ovals as the shape for the color samples.

First Arrangement
First Arrangement

I found that this placement of the ovals was too static and the background was too lineal. I liked the shape and size of the ovals.

Second Try
Second Try

This was the second arrangement of the color ovals.  Better, but still not what I wanted.

Finished Project
Finished Project

This was the final design.  I kept the ovals in the overlapping groups, but I randomly pieced the background.  Much better!  This color wheel hangs in my studio and I use it as reference all the time. By making the color, I have abetter understanding of how colors work with one another.  Try and make one for yourself because everyone needs a color wheel. I even like the brown background.  I may even use brown in a quilt soon!

Marci’s Crazy Quilt


This is a wonderful quilt that has crazy quilt blocks combined with pieced blocks. Marci chose to profile women that promoted the issue of women’s rights in throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The quilt uses purple, gold and green-the colors of the women’s rights movement of the early 1900’s. Marci’s own grandmother is part of the quilt. She was the first trolley car driver in Kansas City. I was lucky enough to quilt this masterpiece.

Two of My Favorite Things

This client quilt combines two of my favorites things-quilting and flowers. I loved adding to the wonderful wool applique that was the centerpiece of this quilt. Each block had different flowers and elements of a garden-beehives, urns, fences. The quilting consisted of dense echoing and stippling done in a neutral color to blend with the background. The appliqued border was a combination of echoing and straight lines to offset all the curves in the body of the quilt. This quilt was a joy to quilt and I got to enjoy the flowers!

Dotted Hexies


Here is my hexie project all finished!  I used this project previously to talk about photographing the layout of the hexies to use as a guide when sewing them together.
I quilted the hexies by dividing the larger hexagon into six sections and quilting curved paisley feathers in each section .  I connected the middle with small circles encased in lines that divided the sections. I really like how this small quilt came together! 
ByNow it is time to design another take along project.

Back in the Business of Quilting

I am back in the business of quilting after havingIMG_0316 rotator cuff surgery in December. Shoulder surgery is not fun for anyone, but for a longarm quilter it is a true test of patience! After 4 months of therapy and not being able to touch the sewing machine, much less the quilting machine, until May, I am back to quilting now. I am happy to report that my shoulder is getting better every day and the hours that I can quilt are getting longer. The ice pack is still my friend!

Watch for new posts coming soon as I get back into the business of quilting.

Traditional Thursday-Focus Fabric

This client’s pink and brown diamond pattern quilt makes the most of the focus fabric at the center of the diamonds.  Each center was fussy cut to showcase the large pink flower in the fabric.  I quilted  each center by outlining the flower and other leaves or smaller flowers surrounding it.  The large scale print did not overwhelm the quilt because it was cut and placed in the center rather than as part of the diamond strips.   The design was showcased instead of cut up in smaller pieces.DSCF1932

Modern Monday-Entry for Phoenix AQS Show

In October, I entered a small wall hanging in the Phoenix AQS Show.  There is now a category for Modern Quilting in each of the AQS shows this year.  I was notified on Friday that ” Bookcases” was selected for the show!  I am thrilled! The inspiration for this quilt was a photo I took of an arrangement of bookcases.  Besides “Bookcases”, I have “Coloring with Kate” in the traveling Modern Quilt Exhibit.  Two quilts in one show.  What an honor.  I may just have to go see them.  Phoenix in February?-not a bad idea!!!IMG_0179

Traditional Thursday- Antique Flower Garden

DSCF1807I just finished quilting this beautiful antique top.  It is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden design with the added green hexagon “triangles”.  The green hexagons really set off the flowers and break up the solid background.  The flower with the orange interior circle at the top of the photo is the center of the quilt.  The maker then placed a row of yellow flowers around the orange one.  She continued to place the flowers in “circles” of color around the center.  You can see that the purple row was next and the pink.  This quilt top was created by the same piecer as the star quilt in previous blogs.  She had a tremendous eye for color and design.  This was a top worth saving.